You are currently viewing Women’s Worth event series for Women’s History Month

Women’s Worth event series for Women’s History Month

To celebrate Women’s History Month, Prowess is putting on a 2x wk event series to help you navigate intimidating, but inevitable situations in the workplace, well as get a taste of the skills that employers most often ask for. 

Each Tues & Thurs of March at 2pm CT, we’ll have a causal discussion on the following, 

Dates/Topics & Registration links: 

  • March 9:  Interior Design PM :Traci Connell, Traci Connell Interiors (time change: 230pm CT) –Sign up here

Prowess has been flooded by outreach from interior designers searching for project management talent. Don’t have direct experience, but interested in that industry? Come to this session where award-winning interior designer/my inspiration, my mom, Traci Connell, will tell you what she needs from a project manager, tech used in the industry, and where to go to understand the lingo. 
  • March 11: Top traits clients ask Prowess for – Sign up here

After 2 years of prospect calls, we have rounded up the top 5 behavioral requests that we hear and will talk through them.  If you’re looking for a job now – or are thinking about it in the near future, you don’t want to miss this chat to get the inside scoop on what your future employer is looking for 🙂 
As an independent contractor, there is an aspect of sales in everything you do. Get a sales 101 overview from a sales veteran to help make sure that you are adding value always, while getting the client to pay for what you’re offering. 
  • March 18: Judgment calls: When to trust your gut & go for it – Sign up here

Have you felt: 

  • Reservations to hit submit on the job application, though you don’t have 100% of the qualifications? 
  • Uncertain to speak up when your manager/client is incorrect and you know a more efficient/effective solution? 
  • The internal struggle of when your professional boundaries are being challenged, but you don’t want to to ruffle feathers? 

Then this session on judgement calls is perfect for you!

  • March 23:  Pit in my stomach when there is something I don’t know – Sign up here

Have you felt: 

  • Panicked because you’ve been asked a question that you don’t know the answer to 
  • Stupid because you haven’t used the “standard” workplace tech tools
  • Inferior because you don’t know the acronym or business lingo during a meeting 

Then this session is for you!

  • March 25: Deer in the headlights – Where do I start? –Sign up here

Have you felt: 

  • Paralyzed because you don’t know what you don’t know? 
  • Overwhelmed because the journey back to work seems so daunting
  • How to stop Googling the wrong things

Then this session on where to start is perfect for you!

  • March 30:  Social Media: Courtney Crowley – Sign up here

Unlock the secrets of social media. Hear from Courtney Crowley, Prowess client & supporter, as she gives you actionable tips on how to kick-off your client’s social programs. 

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